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Keeping The Peace

Keeping the Peace
    Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 5:1 (NKJV)
    We have looked frequently at the scriptures that show that we are justified, or declared not guilty, by our faith in Jesus. I will probably continue to mix in these writings this great fact, because I believe the enemy hits us here with his lie more than any other area in our walk with God. Many variations of lies that point out that we have to somehow, someway, earn our standing with God. Perhaps by doing good works, being a good witness for Jesus, walking door to door, going to church, giving your money in tithes, fasting and so on.
    In and of themselves, every one of the things mentioned above should be done, but they should always be done in appreciation, not in an attempt to earn favor, or prominence with God. That being said, I would like to share a benefit that the above scripture clearly states that we should have when we have been justified by faith.
    The benefit that we should immediately have is Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom 5:1). Thats sounds great Scott! But how does this work? How does this apply to me? What should I know and understand as a direct result from placing my faith in Jesus that would allow me to feel that peace? Lets take a look.
     As we look at the scripture and understand that we are justified by faith and not our works, we can and should understand that our being not guilty is not based on how good we perform in our Christian walk.
    Did you get that Christian? Our salvation isnt based on being exactly perfect with all sin confessed and timing it to perfection so that when Christ comes back and raptures the church, or when we die, depending on which one happens first; we dont have to worry because we had a bad day that particular day. Youre not going to be left behind, or sent to hell because you stumbled in your walk.
    You see, there are times when there are inconsistencies in our profession of our beliefs, and our actual walk. We dont do what we say we ought to do as thoroughly as we would hope. And thankfully, Gods grace, and the propitiation of Jesus blood that was shed upon the cross, covers All transgression and sin, past, present, and future.
    So, getting back to the peace. If I thought that my salvation was based upon my works, or my ability to keep a perfect lifestyle, then I would have peace about it on the days that I did good. But, on the days that I fell, the days where I made poor choices, I would have a lack of peace with regards to my salvation and this in itself could cause me to make even more bad choices. It could cause me to become depressed, dejected, or to even give up any hope, and eventually stop my walk with God, and my fellowship with other Christians.
    It is my hearts desire to be able to say just as Jesus did in John 8:29, "I always do those things that please the Father." I really want to, but I cant.
    There are times in my walk where I do some really great things. But there are times when I dont do such great things; in fact theyre not good at all. If my peace with God were dependent on my doing the good all of the time, then that peace would be broken when I didnt.
    I would like to clarify something with regards to peace. We can have a lack of peace when there is unconfessed sin in our life, and we can become irritated. This is normal, because we have broken fellowship with God. This is different than worrying or having a lack of peace about your salvation.
    But because of my faith, and my belief in Jesus, I can know that my Salvation is secure, and my peace with God is secure as well. Know this, I now focus on being all that God would want me to be, having that peace of mind.
    Hey Christian, if you find yourself irritated, ask God to reveal sin in your life. If you find yourself doubting your salvation because you arent living a perfect lifestyle or doing enough good works, then know that this is an attack from the enemy. Salvation is a free gift; there is no earning it.
    STUDY QUESTION: How are we justified or declared not guilty by God?
    PERSONAL INVENTORY: Have you found yourself doubting your salvation because of the emotions you are feeling, or the things that you have done?
    APPLICATION: Focus on the truth of Gods Word when you find yourself doubting, and not your emotions. Every one of our actions should be based on Gods Word, and not by how we feel, or think.
    Father, Thank You for Your free gift of Salvation. Thank You for the peace that You have given me with regards to my standing with You. I acknowledge that my standing of righteousness is based not upon my ability to live righteously, but by my faith in Your Son. Help me today to see the lies of the enemy, and to act in accordance to Your truths rather than my emotions. In Jesus precious name, amen&
    Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

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