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Getting A Maximum Return

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. Luke 12:48

I was watching a show on TV the other day called, “Bering Sea Gold,” and I found it very interesting.  Every year up off the coast of Nome Alaska, during a short season where the weather calms down a bit, these purpose built boats, with gold dredges attached to them, go out and literally vacuum the sea floor sediment through a long tube being directed by a scuba diver. 

These sea dredging vessels range in how they are built — some are no more than an aluminum boat with an outboard motor and a bunch of hand-built attachments protruding from the main vessel, while others are very well built barge-style boats with the best equipment available on them.  Some have only one person manning them, while others have a full crew to operate them.  The smaller boats have to duck for cover when even the smallest of waves come against them, while others can stay out much longer because of their size and shapes. 

As varied as these boats are in design, crew, and equipment, they also vary in what they are able to accomplish.  Some can bring in six ounces of gold on a great day, while others will net a hundred ounces or better.  Each crew has the same goal—to maximize their return.  Some crews will work efficiently to get the best result possible based on what they have to work with, while others become distracted, or lack any real diligence — therefore they accomplish far less than what they could have.

As I thought about this it made me think about how we can live our Christian lives.  Each of us has been given a different variety of gifts and resources from God.  These gifts include everything we possess including our body, our abilities, and every resource we have. Our goal should be to use these gifts to the best of our ability for the kingdom of God here on earth, and to get a maximum return on what God has entrusted into our lives.  Jesus made this very clear when He said, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required…” (Luke 12:48).  

God isn’t expecting us to accomplish things He hasn’t called, or equipped us to do, nor are we being compared to others.  We are simply called to do the best with what we have been given — this is what we will be held accountable on. 

I want to encourage you to think and pray upon these things today.  Choose to leverage every resource you have for sharing the gospel message and for kingdom purposes.  If you seek the Lord for His will and use these resources wisely, you will be blessed to affect an eternal change in many lives.

STUDY QUESTION: According to Luke 12:48 what can we learn about using our resources and abilities given to us by God?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to be faithful in using your gifts, talents, abilities, and resources for the Lord?

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Let’s seek the Lord and ask Him how He would want to use us today.  Let’s choose to allow God to use us in the best possible way to achieve a maximum return on how we live our lives. 

LET’S MAKE THIS OUR PRAYER TODAY: Father, thank You for every good gift You have given to us.  Help us to see how best to invest our time, talent and resources into the Kingdom so others may know You.  In Jesus’ precious name, amen…

Be Blessed, Pastor Scott


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