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A Proper Perspective And Motivation

Bondservants, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ; not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men, knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free. Ephesians 6:5-8 (NKJV)

Have you ever been a customer at a business where those who served you could care less about really treating you with respect, courtesy, or even just some basic good manners?  I am sure you have as most of us see this quite often.  I was reading an article the other day about this very thing.  It said, “Insensitive, disrespectful or rude behavior by employees is rampant in US workplaces…” The study found customers witnessing this behavior were angered and it created a desire to “get back” at the perpetrator and the business.  It stated, “Customers are less likely to repurchase from the firm…”

All this to say many people—including those who profess to be Christians—don’t necessarily care about their employer's business or even what others may think about their work ethics.  Some of these employees may not seem to care what their supervisors think, but most of them will put on the façade of being a good worker when they fill out their application for employment.  They might not think of it as a big deal, but laziness and disrespect is not right to the employer, customers, or co-workers, and in fact it is actually a sin against God according to His Word.

He who is slothful in his work is a brother to him who is a great destroyer. Proverbs 18:9 (NKJV)

We are told in Ephesians 6:5-8 to be obedient to our employers and to do it in sincerity of heart, as to Christ.  Here’s the deal, we are not to do a good job simply in an attempt to please our boss, but we are to work as if we are working for God's (1 Cor. 10:31).  This means whatever we do in our workplace should be done in a way to bring honor to God and blessing to others.  Every action we do in the workplace will either be God-honoring, or it will be honoring to the enemy. 

We need to understand we have been given a great platform to be used by God in our work environment, and we should allow our Lord to use us as a vessel of honor.  Many people can, and will, be affected by our actions at work, so we should continually be looking to serve others with a proper heart.  When we remember it is God we are ultimately working for, then we should find that we never do anything begrudgingly or out of necessity, but with a cheerful heart. 

I want to encourage you today to remember who you are working for today.  Make a decision to turn your work place into a ministry opportunity.  Let others see Jesus in your actions and in your servant’s heart. 

STUDY QUESTION: According to Proverbs 18:9 what is a slothful (lazy) person referred as?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to work for your employer, and serve others as if it were the Lord?

PRACTICAL APPLICATION:  Choose to work in a way to bring great glory and honor to God. 

LET’S MAKE THIS OUR PRAYER TODAY: Father, thank You for allowing me to work.  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to serve others and to be used by You.  Help others see You in my actions Lord and let them be drawn unto You as a result.  In Jesus’ precious name, amen…

Be blessed, Pastor Scott




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