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Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy-Part IV

Let Love Be Without Hypocrisy-Part IV
25-Ways to Honor God-Number 1

And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV)

We are looking at a series of devotionals which are revealing 25-ways to bring glory and honor to God - these are actually duties or responsibilities for every Christian. We can find these 25-ways in Romans 12:9-21.  We have been looking at the first of our "Personal duties" as Christian men and women. And that first duty is to:

  •   Let love be without hypocrisy (Rom 12:9a)

So, over our last few devotionals we have been taking a look at 16-attributes that show us clearly what "Love" is.  We have covered the first 12; so lets look at the final 4-attributes of Agape love.

13.    Love believes all things (v.7)

Simply put, to truly love one another means that we are not going to be cynical or suspicious.  Example: If someone is suffering from a chemical dependency, we don't throw the towel in at any point - we believe in the best possible outcome, which means confession, repentance, and restoration to God.  We don't look through "Rose colored glasses," we simply look and believe in the best possible outcome for any situation.  If someone has been accused, we believe in his or her innocence until proven guilty - Love trusts.

14.     Love hopes all things (v.7)

Let's say that you "Believed" in someone, and it turned out that they disappointed you and did not repent of their sin, and become restored to God - the best possible outcome - True Agape Love will still "Hope."  Even if your faith is not strong enough to continue to believe, "Hope" will take over.

15.    Love endures all things (v.7)

Think of a military unit holding a really important defensible position - they are hunkered in and they aren't leaving unless the enemy kills them.  That is what Agape Love does - it takes a stand and continues to love even when the opposition is overwhelming.  

Let's look again at the last 3-attributes of "True Love."

"    Love "Bears" what the world determines is unbearable.
"    Love "Believes" what the world finds totally unbelievable.
"    Love "Hopes" when the world finds absolutely no hope.

16.    Love never fails! (v. 8)

I could write a whole series on this verse alone - in fact it really sets up the next series of verses in 1 Corinthians 13:8-13.  But I will keep it brief here.  

In a world that uses absolutes all too often, this one resonates loud.  Example:  Just think of every marriage vow that was violated when the person who said, "I do", suddenly decided to say, "I don't."  I'm not talking about someone who has been abandoned in a relationship - I'm talking about the one doing the abandoning!  Agape Love doesn't abandon.

I can only imagine some of the thoughts that have run through your mind while you have been reading these descriptions of love.  Most people would reason that this isn't possible, or that people would think we are blind to love in this way.  Well, I would say that because Agape love actually sees more, it is willing to see a lot less.

Q:    How do we possess and manifest this type of love?

A:    If a person is saved then they have the Holy Spirit within them, living and leading them in all their ways.  As we spend time with God in our Christian walk - as we spend time with Him as we read His Word, Agape love is the byproduct; we manifest nothing (See Gal. 5:22; Jn. 15:5).

 "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. John 15:5 (NKJV)

Q:    Okay, so now we have a clear picture of what "Love" is; so what is Hypocrisy?

A:    "Hypocrisy" is the exact opposite and completely incompatible with "Agape Love."

The King James Version translates it as "Dissimulation." Dissimulation is a form of deception in which one conceals the truth. It differs from simulation, in which one exhibits false information. So "Hypocrisy" is a deceitful lie where one pretends to be something entirely different than what they really are - Kind of like Judas Iscariot.  

Hey Christian, lets not pretend to love in this way - because it is far more valuable than 30-pieces of silver.  We can't fake or manifest this "Agape Love."  This type of Agape Love is an expression of a spiritually healthy relationship with God.  In other words, we don't reform our actions to line up with what we think love should be - we are regenerated by God's love; made spiritually alive; we are now empowered and transformed by reading, understanding and applying God's Word on a daily basis.  

As we understand and learn to know who God is, then we are being transformed to be more like Him continually.  Again, we just have to purpose in our heart to want to know the Lord - to have a personal relationship with Him - then we will change as a byproduct.  

This covers our first "Duty" as Christian believers.  In our next devotional we will look at the second way to honor God, which is also a "Personal duty" that we are required to do; and that is to "Abhor what is evil."

STUDY QUESTION: What can we learn about acquiring Agape love according to the two scriptures contained within this devotional?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Can you see the fruit of the Spirit in your Christian walk?  Is it consistently present?

APPLICATION: Continue to abide in God's love, and in His Word, and His Agape love will abide in your life, and you will be able to manifest these 16-attributes of Agape love.

Father, Thank You for showing me what true Agape love is.  Father thank You for allowing me to abide in You.  I pray that You would fill me with Your Agape love today, and allow me to manifest it in my Christian walk.  In Jesus precious name, amen...

Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

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