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This Is My Desire

This Is My Desire--To Be Used By You.

God said to Solomon, Because your greatest desire is to help your people, and you did not ask for wealth, riches, fame, or even the death of your enemies or a long life, but rather you asked for wisdom and knowledge to properly govern my people I will certainly give you the wisdom and knowledge you requested. But I will also give you wealth, riches, and fame such as no other king has had before you or will ever have in the future!  2Chronicles 1:11-12(NLT)

What a cool reward from God to Solomon for having a proper heart to lead Gods people.  It was King Solomon's "Greatest desire" to help others rather than to fulfill his wants and or personal desires.  He wanted to be used by God and he knew that God could give him the wisdom and guidance to accomplish his goals.  God asked him, "What do you want?  Ask, and I will give it to you!" (See 2Chron 1:7)

And King Solomon replied, "Give me the wisdom and knowledge to lead them properly, for who could possibly govern this great people of yours?" (See 2Chron. 1:10)  Solomon's desire was to be used by God in a mighty way--to be selfless in lieu of the opportunity to be selfish.

What is the desire of your heart this day?  Can you, like Solomon, say to the Lord, "Give me wisdom and knowledge--This is my desire to be used by You?" Or if given the opportunity, would you ask for something of a greater perceived value?

God knows what our heart desires, because nothing is hidden from Him--everything we truly want is in plan view.  King David knew this as well.

Lord, all my desire is before You; And my sighing is not hidden from You. Psalms 38:9 (NKJV)

I think that when we meditate upon the things that God has done for us in our life--when we understand that price that has been paid for us, and the future that He has planned for us--we can, and will, feel confident about our relationship with our Lord.  We can know with assurance that we are not really missing anything here on earth while we're here in this temporary body.  God has a specific plan for our lives, and He wants to use us in a mighty way.  That's  if it is "Our desire." 

Christian singer and songwriter Jeremy Camp wrote a song that captured this same serving heart of King's David, and Solomon called, "My Desire."  It is about a Christian whose very desire is to be used by God.   It is about a person who knows that laying their life down before the Lord to be used--this is the best return that they could possibly be giving to God.   Think about these lyrics:

You want to be real--You want to be empty inside
You want to be someone laying down your pride
You want to be someone someday
Then lay it all down before the King
You want to be whole--You want to have purpose inside
You want to have virtue and purify your mind
You want to be set free today then lay it all down before the King

This is my desire--This is my return
This is my desire--To be used by you

You want to be real--You want to be emptied inside
And I know my heart is to feel you near
And I know my life It's to do your will
It's to do your will

This is my desire--This is my return
This is my desire--To be used by you

All my life I have seen where you've taken me
Beyond all I have hoped and there's more left unseen
There's not much I can do to repay all you've done so I give my hands to use

This is my desire--This is my return
This is my desire--To be used by you

I want to encourage you today to stop and think about what God has done in and through your life so far.  He wants to use you in a mighty way today and in every day that follows.  It might not be in the way that you had planned but it is in a way that will profoundly impact and change the lives of those around you.  

Q:    Is this your desire today, to be used by God?

Only you can answer this question. 

STUDY QUESTION: What did God reward Solomon with because of his request?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to seek the betterment of others rather than your own self?

APPLICATION: Make it your prayer today to tell the Lord of your desires.  Ask Him to give you wisdom and knowledge in leading others, and walking according to His perfect plan and will.

If it is your desire to be used by God then join me in this my prayer.

Father, I want to be real. I want to lay down my pride.  I want to be whole, to have purpose inside.  I want to have virtue and purify this mind, To be set free today, I'll lay it all down before my King.  This is my desire, Jesus, this is my return.  This is my desire, my only desire; I want to be used by You...In Jesus precious name, amen...

Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

Here is the link to the Jeremy Camp song, My Desire.

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