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Attacking The Problem and Not Each Other

Attacking The Problem and Not Each Other
    Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting. Psalms 139:23-24 (NKJV)
    Never before in our generation, have we been faced with the challenges within relationships as we are now. The enemy has a steady bombardment of temptation flowing directly at us, and is using every bit of it to divide, steal, kill and destroy our marriages.
    If youre not married, you may be tempted to stop reading about now. Dont! Because this isnt just about marital relationships, but all relationships.
    Its funny, but every one of us has either been on, or is on a path to come to the end of ourselves. What I mean when saying this is we all have desires in our flesh, this is our earthly body, and these desires are false indicators of fulfillment, happiness and peace. For some it is in simple things, such as cars, houses, bodies, what to eat, and drink. For others, it can be their relationships with spouses and family, businesses, and self worth. These are all pretty much good things as long as they are being met in legitimate ways.
    Here is the problem: It is when we put any of these needs above our relationship with God, or attempt to find happiness, contentment and peace in any of them without God as the foundation of them, and without the desire and goal to bring glory to Him in them. I know that sounds like a mouth full, but it is the roadmap to Christian living...
    If we find ourselves attacking the person rather than the problem, we need to be aware of the fact were being attacked by the enemy, and we are being used by him to attack others.
    When this happens, then utilize the emergency drill you learned in elementary school with regards to being on fire; Stop, drop, and roll. Except, modify it to, Stop, drop, and pray!
    I suggest to every couple to make a quick rule sheet to follow so when they find themselves in these situations they will have already agreed to follow these principles:
    "That God is to be first in our lives.
    "That no matter what happens, we will seek Gods advice and leading
    "That we will follow the Bible with respects to how God would want us to handle Every situation-regardless how the other one is handling it.
    "That we will prioritize their lives biblically. Example: 1.God 2. Spouse 3. Children 4. Business-Job
    Q:But what if a married couple is not equally yoked? What if one of them doesnt have, or even desire to have a relationship with the Lord in the capacity that the other one does?
    A: If this is the case, then the one who is determined to live their life in a way in which Christ as shown and commanded them to live, should seek the Lord for wisdom and adhere to what He has taught us in the Bible. In short, we must do what we know to be right, regardless of our spouses actions.
    So, the issue here is your trust in God...Do you Trust God, and are you willing to submit to God first, and your spouse second, your Children third, and you business fourth?
    Are you willing to let God lead you and empower you in every aspect of your relationship? The way we can keep this priority straight is to ask ourselves this question:
    What are we pursuing?
    The Apostle Paul said, I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content (Philippians 4:11).
    We must also learn to be content through all of these circumstances we will face and have to endure over the years.
    Pastor Chuck Smith puts it like this: There is only one life, and it will soon be passed. Only what we do for Christ will last.
    The enemy will be working very hard on your spouse through deceiving lies that success in the world will bring about a lasting feeling of self-worth, financial security, fulfillment, accomplishment, and peace, but this is not the case, we cannot find these things in anything temporary. The enemy will also be working through this situation to destroy your witness as a Christian to your spouse.
    Remember, everything we do as Christians is unto the Lord, so none of it is wasted. He will reward you for your perseverance, and your spouse will see God in you as you submit to them in love.
    And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, Colossians 3:23 (NKJV)
    I want to encourage you as Christians, to always live in a way in which pleases God, selflessly serving your spouse as called for in Ephesians 5, or considering others better than yourselves as called for in Philippians 2:3. Your witness speaks loud, and it is either witnessing for the Lord through love, or for the enemy through hypocrisy. Live well!
    STUDY QUESITON: What example can we learn from Davids earnest prayer unto the Lord in Psalm 139:23-24?
    PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to live your life unto the Lord by submitting to your spouse in love?
    APPLICATION: Dont attack each other within the relationship, attack the problem!
    Father, help me to see clear when I get caught up in pride. Help me see my need to attack the problem and not the person. Give me wisdom liberally in these times so I might be a witness to Your strength which has been given to me. In Jesus precious name, amen&
    Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

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