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Problem or Solution-What Part Are You?

Problem or Solution-What Part Are You?
    How can I alone bear your problems and your burdens and your complaints? Choose wise, understanding, and knowledgeable men from among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you. And you answered me and said, The thing which you have told us to do is good. Deuteronomy 1:12-14 (NKJV)
    Chances are weve all found a way to deal with our problems, and weve probably developed a pattern with which we fall into once something begins to cause us concern. For some, its instant worry, because weve run the film in our head of the worse case scenario, and it has our heart racing.
    For others, theyve found some seemingly fantastic way of burying it. I say, Seemingly, because there is usually a payment to be had for this way of handling stress as well, and it usually comes along with a stroke or a heart attack.
    We should be aware, we will all, in fact, face problems and tribulation within our lives. We will all be faced with challenges, and inabilities to handle or control a situation at some point.
    Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2Corinthians 1:3-4 (NKJV)
    We need to remember, we have a Savior who is sympathetic to our situation. He has been through every form of testing Himself. And because He has been through this, He is able to lead us, and comfort us during our trials.
    So what happens we the problems when face are not our own?
    Thats right! Some of the situations we will face are the problems of others. And by our reaction to their situation, we have made the problem ours. So how we handle the problem can be a problem itself. Let me give an example:
    Have you found yourself with compassion, for someone else in need? You are identifying with their legitimate problem or need, and become frustrated, only to start complaining yourself, or begin murmuring about how it isnt being handled correctly.
    The next thing you know, your defending them, or attempting to help them through it, as you criticize, gripe, grumble, or whine about the injustice befalling them. When this happens, weve somehow become part of the problem, rather than a part of the solution.
    We can become so engrossed in helping someone; we lose our ability to be helpful in the way God intended for us to be. It is important to think about this before we find our self in the midst of a heated exchange with someone as we attempt to help another person.
    We need to remember, God is in control always! He is sovereign, and He has a plan. Ask Him, and then allow time for Him to work it out. Dont make the problem your personal problem, because its not what God intended.
    I am learning every day of my limitations and inabilities, while understanding more clearly of Gods greatness and strength. Im finding He is capable of defending those in need, and He wants me to be involved in a great way. But I need to let Him do it through me. I need to go before Him in prayer immediately asking Him for the wisdom and the discernment of how I can be of assistance beyond praying.
    Im finding the more time I spend in Gods Word; the more I am being equipped to handle each new challenge I face. I think of it as a spiritual workout. Knowing the Word and what it says about handling various situations, prepares me for the actual situation in the same way as going to the gym and doing cardio exercise prepares me for running a 5K race. The more I prep, the easier it is to meet the challenge, and the better the result. But it is always God doing it through me.
    If you find yourself in the midst of a problem, seek wise Christian counsel. Make sure the information you receive is what the Bible is advising, and not just some opinion. And if youre a Christian, then you should be staying in the Word; preparing to give good counsel, because this is how God can use us.
    Hey Christian, were either part of the problem, or were part of the solution. Its our choice.
    STUDY QUESTION: According to the scripture in Deuteronomy, who should we seek when having a problem? According to 2 Corinthians above, how should we seek to help those who are in need?
    PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you willing to seek God immediately when confronting a problem issue?
    APPLICATION: Lets try to be used by God to help others find a solution to their problems. Lets keep guard that we arent a part of the problem by reacting in the flesh.
    Father, Help me today to have compassion on those who I see with problems. Help me to help them without becoming a part of their problem. In Jesus precious name, amen&
    Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

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