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I Will Give You Rest

I Will Give You Rest
    Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:28-29 (NKJV)
    Do you get tired from working so much? There are many people who have strived very hard to reach a goal to obtain something such as a career, a home, a car, or even a marriage, only to come up empty with fatigue or failure. The pressures of attempting to be what they feel that they are suppose to be or what they are capable of being become crumbling upon their respective shoulders.
    Another burden that is being shouldered is the past life of sinful behavior, leading to a lack of peace. This, too, can be very fatiguing
    This isnt just happening to non-believers either, but Christian believers as well. There are many Christians who desire to live according to Gods Word. They know that theyre never going to live a perfect life, but theyre still dejected because theyre struggling with the guilt associated with stumbling in their Christian walk. No matter how much they strive to do better, their ability to live righteously in the flesh; to overcome bad sinful habits, fails, causing them to feel depressed and dejected. Feeling as though theyll never be able to live the perceived perfect Christian life, they just plain give up!
    Do you sometimes fatigue when trying to live the Christian life?
    News Flash! God doesnt expect you to live a perfect life. In fact He knows exactly when you are going to sin before you do it. And because of that, He has made a provision for us so that we can unload the pressures that have been put on us by religion, family, friends, or even our own expectations of what we are suppose be able to do.
    But lets take a look at the verses above in Matthew 11, because they give us valuable information that will take the pressure off of us, as well as giving us biblical truths to help us live in peace.
    Jesus invites us all to come to Him. He is not limiting this to the wise and learned, those who have lived righteously, but everyone. He is asking those who have become weary through their heavy struggles of day-to-day living; those who strive and labor, including those trying to live without sinning. He is asking those of us who are heavy laden, which means those with sin. He is asking those of us, who have been overloaded with burdens. He is asking those of us who have put, or have had others put unrealistic expectations and pressures upon ourselves, and are crumbling under the pressure.
    And notice that it is Jesus that gives us rest from these things when we come to Him, and not the father. This is because we need to come to Jesus and take His yoke.
    The yoke is a device that was put on animals for pulling heavy loads. And tradition has it that the shop that Jesus and His father Joseph worked at, made custom yokes. A master carpenter would custom fit each yoke to the oxen. The yoke was made in such a way that would have one ox in front of the other. The lead ox would carry the greater weight, and the following ox was an assistant would simply follow the leader and go with the flow.
    So Jesus is using the yoke as a metaphor; He is saying come yoke with me: let me lead you; dont go in your own direction. Ill carry the brunt of the load; Ill make it very light on you; you just need to follow me.
    When we yoke with Jesus, we join with Him in a commitment to the discipline of discipleship. This simply means that we follow Him in everything that we do. We dont worry about how were going to do something, or how were going to live our lives or make our choices, because we have already made our mind up that were going to do it His way. No pressure!
    Jesus said that His yoke is easy. Its not religionits a relationship with Him. Hes not putting pressure on you to live perfectly-Hes already paid the price for your mistakes.
    We need to remember something folks, if we find that we are burdened, or that were so tired because its so tough being a servant of Jesus; its so hard being a Christian brother or sister, or its tough to be a Christian witness, then were doing something wrong; were not following or listening to Jesus. Because if the burden is too heavy, then its not His burden because He told us that His burden is light. If it is wearisome then it didnt come from Him, it is something that we did on our own, because we have disconnected from His yoke and began to plow fields on our own.
    Lets stay hooked up with Jesus! Dont disconnect! Dont attempt to do things your way; to walk in another direction or go it alone. And dont add anything to your life, or your responsibility until you pray about it and are given a peace with it. Seek God, walk with Jesus and stay yoked together with Him, and you will be given rest.
    STUDY QUESTION: What Does Jesus offer to those who take His yoke?
    PERSONAL INVENTORY: Have you taken Jesus yoke, or are you plowing your own path as a Christian?
    APPLICATION: Get yoked with Jesus, follow His leading, His ways, and rest in Him. Ask Him about everything that you are contemplating today. If He gives you a peace about it, then pursue it. But if He allows you to feel anxious, and you have sincerely asked if it is His will, then let it go for now, because God is not a God of confusion or anxiety.
    Father, Thank You for allowing us to yoke together with Your son Jesus. Guide me today in my actions so that I can simply follow in His path, and not look to take a path of my own. In Jesus precious name, amen&
    Be Blessed, Pastor Scott

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