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    At age 17, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but I didn't know what it meant to allow Him to be the Lord of my life. I attended church but didn't read the Word of God outside Sunday morning. After 12 years of Racing motorcycles and working to build my earthly empire, I sat broken and empty at age 29. I started to read my Bible daily and my life changed almost immediately. Through the late 90's and into 2001 I again focused my best efforts in the business world, as I became part owners of 3-businesses within the Motorcycle Industry. Again the Enemy found a way to crowd out my most precious resource, my time with God. And it seemed as though I had left my relationship with the Lord and my walk with Him as a result.

    In early 2002 I was sitting in my driveway and contemplating walking out on my marriage. I knew the Word and I knew that this was not right. Amazed that I could actually even contemplate this, I knew that there was only one true solution, and that was to turn to the Lord. This difference this time was that I was prepared to surrender my life to Him and make Him the Lord of my life. I wasn't simply going to read the Word so as to know it; I was going to let it govern my life. So with this renewed commitment I vowed to be the man that he called me to be, and I vowed to be a better Husband, Father, and friend to the people that were chosen to be a part of my life.

    In 2005 my wife and I had just sold our home and were heading to the beach for a fresh start. As we were driving to go look at the home we had placed a bid on, the Lord spoke to me and clearly told me that I was to return to Wildwood Calvary Chapel. It was there that I was going to serve.

    I went and sat down with my friend Pastor Chris Fraley, and there in his office, with tears running down my face, I vowed to serve in whatever capacity that the Lord wanted. I had seen too many friends die within the Motorcycle industry and I could no longer sit back and wonder if they had given their life to the Lord. I had a calling from the Lord to minister to these people. I began a Pastoral mentorship program and started to journal every verse in the Bible. God had consumed my heart and I couldn't get enough of His Word; my mind became a human sponge as I would soak in (Partake) and then I would share (Impart) with others what I had learned. It was then that I started to write daily devotionals and send them out to various people I had known.

    I began to lead the Men's Ministry at Wildwood in late 2006 and was ordained by the Lord in 2008 to serve the flock. I continue to seek the Lord daily to be used in serving others. I pray each day that He would direct the divine appointments that He has prepared for me. And I pray that He would give me the words to share with others in conversation, counseling and in writing the daily devotionals for My Daily Dose.

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